Teaching & Learning

IÖB wishes to support teachers in delivering modern and attractive lessons in Economics. To serve this purpose, IÖB provides modern-day concepts for teacher training and continued professional development as well as wide-ranging media for students.

Teaching and learning processes in the spotlight

The work at the IÖB ultimately pursues the goal of contributing to improving teaching and learning processes in the subject of economics in schools and at universities. Informed by scientific knowledge on what constitutes a topical lesson today in Economics and its requirements as well as outcomes, materials and media are developed for lessons in Economics, as well as modern-day concepts for continued professional development of teachers. The interests of in-school practice and university teaching are always taken into account in the projects.

Basic constructivist understanding

Learning can only be done by the learner himself or herself. This is only a seemingly trivial finding from today’s research in learning theory. Consequently, learning processes are considered as particularly promising in terms of success, if they facilitate independent, self-active and cooperative learning alongside instructive elements delivered through discussing open-ended and authentic problems. Development of materials and the education courses at IÖB are grounded in this basic understanding. That is why many modern teaching and learning methods are used.

Digital learning

Digitalisation opens up new potential for teaching and learning processes at all levels of the education system. Alongside technical equipment and general media teaching skills, domain-specific concepts systematically linked goals, content and methods / media are needed to construct a successful design of this innovation process.

For many years, IÖB has been developing and trialling digital learning media, platforms and tools for economics lessons and for continued professional development of teaching staff. In the future, adaptive processes and self-guided learning processes will play a more significant role.

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